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If you’d like to come to the college weekend and stay in the dormitory, all you need to do is get to Tulsa and we’ll take care of the rest.  We’ll pick you up at the airport if you need a ride, or however you’re coming into town.  Once you get here, then the weekend is on us.  We’ll take care of you, put you in the dormitory, feed you in the cafeteria, and you can see what life at ORU is all about and if this is where God is leading you to get your education and to learn how to hear his voice. Pick up the phone and call the prayer group at 918-495-7777 and we’ll  get information to you immediately back into  the  mail.  There is no registration fee for the college weekend seminar.  All right, ORU Singers, are you ready?  They’re going to sing  a  beautiful  song called “Bless the Lord” and it’s  featuring  my  daughter,  Christi Roberts Harrison.  Give her a welcome,  and  the  ORU  Singers  and orchestra as they sing.

ORUS:  Bless the Lord  PROMO FOR RR BOOK, “How You Can Touch Heaven With Your Faith”

RR:  And welcome back.  Lindsay and I are  joined  today  by  the pastors of Christian Faith Center in Creedmore, North Carolina, Macand Brenda Timberlake.  Give them a good welcome to ORU.  God bless you both and welcome.  Thank you for coming back to join us.   And just before we turn to them, I want to remind you this is your copy.  I’m holding it in my hand.  The only reason you don’t have it because you haven’t asked for it.  I’ll put it right into the mail.  It’s free, there’s no obligation, “How You Can Touch Heaven By Faith Through the Word of God.”   I believe it I’ll be a blessing.  God has unlocked secrets in his Word for me and I share them with you in this book.

I want you to have  it.  It’s free, there’s no obligation.  Just call or write today and I will send it to you.  In fact, Mac and Brenda, this is brand new. I want to give you a copy of it and I pray it will be a blessing to you.   Lindsay and I recently had the opportunity to  travel  down  to  Creedmore, North Carolina, to see the word  that  God  has  raised  up  there, Christian Faith Center.  Lindsay preached at the women’s conference and I preached at the  men’s  conference  and  I  took  the  Sunday morning service and we had a fabulous, fabulous  Charismatic  Bible Ministries Conference and then they had been on our program as well as one night when I was hosting the TBN  Praise  the  Lord  program they came and we had a wonderful time  and  so  many,  many  calls. It’s a joy to see you again and to have you back, and I just want to say welcome.

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You perhaps have seen them on television.   I hosted Trinity Broadcasting Network one night and they were the guests.   And  we got calls from all over America,  they  got  calls  from  all  over America, and  I  believe  they  will  be  a  blessing.   They’re  a husband-and-wife team in the ministry, pastoring  a  great  church, and we’ll say a word about the church a little  later  on  when  we introduce them.  Recently, Lindsay and I were both there and we’ll share a word with you about the Creedmore area and that tremendous church.   Right now  the  Oral  Roberts  University  Singers   and orchestra are standing by to minister in song.

They are students and graduates also of ORU.  And that reminds me of our next college weekend seminar which is the last weekend in October.   It’s about time now for me to start talking about it on television.   This is special attention now for you who are juniors and seniors in high school, those who are interested in transferring to ORU from another college or university.  The fall college weekend is October 25, 26, and 27.   That’s a Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

I’ll  be speaking on the opening night on Friday and  the  ORU  Singers  and orchestra   will be  with  me.   They’ll be presenting a little concert that night.  And you can see and taste and touch and smell and feel ORU for yourself.  You know, we’re up 500 students this year. Our enrollment is up 12 percent over this same time last year. There are more than 4,000 students this year and we thank God for it.  We went from more than 3,500 to more than 4,000.   ORU is really growing and it looks like we’re going to be up again the second semester.

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It was exactly what had happened to me.   When you said that  word,  I received my healing.  I want you to know I am healed.”   That’s in California. This is from Illinois.  “I’m been having problems with my feet, especially my toes.”  Someone would say, “Well, that’s not very important.”  Well, it is if it’s your toes.   “They’ve been swollen and numb.  I prayed this morning and then I was watching you on television and you gave a word of knowledge that someone’s feet and toes were being healed.

Richard always tells us to do something,” and I usually do, “and tells us to do something that we could not do before.  So I started wiggling my toes.  I want you to know the numbness is completely gone.  I can move them without any pain.  I’m wiggling my toes right now as I’m talking on the phone and there is no pain and I have feeling.”  This is from Nebraska, “I was healed in my hip and in my feet when you gave a word of knowledge.”  Here’s a call that comes from Dallas through Lindsay’s ministry.  Lindsay, I know you’re listening, sweetheart.   “I have been healed of a three-year depression.

For  three  years  I’ve suffered with depression and I was healed when Lindsay  prayed  for me. “Thank God.  If you have a need of    healing,  step  to  your phone and call the Abundant Life Prayer Group at  918-495-7777  and let us pray the prayer of faith with you  and  believe  God  for  a miracle.  Now today and tomorrow I believe you’re in for a  rare treat on this program.  Two of our dear friends from Creedmore, North Carolina, Pastors Mac and Brenda Timberlake, who  pastor  the Christian Faith Church there, Christian Faith Center, are going  to be on the program today and tomorrow and I believe they’re going to be a blessing in your life.  So stay tuned  right  where  you  are.

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Richard Roberts:  And welcome to our program.  I’m up in the Abundant Life Prayer Group where prayer goes no seven days a week, 24 hours a day.  And, by the way, someone is receiving a healing in your right knee even as I am beginning the program right now.  God is giving me a word of knowledge.  If I’m describing you, get up and move your knee.  Call the prayer group and let us know what God is doing in your life.  And the testimonies are continuing to come in and, my, how I love to share them with you.  This comes from Fayetteville, Arkansas.  “I’ve been watching your program and you said someone was receiving a healing in their back, on their side, and in their stomach.  I want you to know I called and I was not able to get through immediately but when I got through, I’m calling to tell you that I am completely healed.” Thank God for it.

By the way, if the line is busy when you call, call back in a few minutes’ time.  Lots of people are calling for prayer.   West Palm Beach, Florida, “My son’s ear was healed when you gave a word of knowledge.  He had a growth in his ear and we were ready to take him to the doctor.  And as you prayed, we claimed that word for our son and the doctor cannot find any growth.   It is completely gone.”  Thank the Lord.  From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, “Richard, you called out a word of knowledge about someone’s shoulder being healed.  It was me.  I was sitting, hurting.  As you prayed, then I called the prayer group and I want you to know my shoulder is completely well.”  From Sacramento, California, “You gave a word of knowledge about someone who was in a car wreck and that person hit their head on the glass and cracked the glass.  It was me.

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First Samuel 30 tells the story of David and his army going into battle and destroying the Amalekites.  When David and his men came home to Ziklag, they found that the Amalekites had burned the city and taken their wives and children captive.  David and his men wept until they had no strength left.  Then, because they wanted to blame someone for what had happened to their families, David’s men began talking about stoning him.

Have you ever had something bad happen to you and you wanted to blame someone for it?  That’s what happened with David’s men.  When we’re grieved and hurt, we often do and say things we don’t really mean.  I know I’ve hurt people’s feelings when I’ve been feeling hurt myself, and later, after realizing what I’d done, I have apologized for it.

David didn’t know what to do.  So what do you do when you don’t know what to do?  You go to the Lord.  He is the only One who can help you when bad things happen.  Friends will try to help you all they can, but really, nobody can help you when something really bad hits you but Jesus.  Verse 6 says, David encouraged himself in the Lord his God.

I remember the day Oral and Richard told me that our son, Ronnie, was gone.  It broke my heart.  I cried my eyes out, and then I got on my knees and prayed.  Like David, I didn’t know what to do, but I found strength in the Lord.  I turned to Him.  I’ve learned that the Lord will always strengthen you and help you when you call upon Him in time of trouble (see Psalm 86:7).

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