It was exactly what had happened to me.   When you said that  word,  I received my healing.  I want you to know I am healed.”   That’s in California. This is from Illinois.  “I’m been having problems with my feet, especially my toes.”  Someone would say, “Well, that’s not very important.”  Well, it is if it’s your toes.   “They’ve been swollen and numb.  I prayed this morning and then I was watching you on television and you gave a word of knowledge that someone’s feet and toes were being healed.

Richard always tells us to do something,” and I usually do, “and tells us to do something that we could not do before.  So I started wiggling my toes.  I want you to know the numbness is completely gone.  I can move them without any pain.  I’m wiggling my toes right now as I’m talking on the phone and there is no pain and I have feeling.”  This is from Nebraska, “I was healed in my hip and in my feet when you gave a word of knowledge.”  Here’s a call that comes from Dallas through Lindsay’s ministry.  Lindsay, I know you’re listening, sweetheart.   “I have been healed of a three-year depression.

For  three  years  I’ve suffered with depression and I was healed when Lindsay  prayed  for me. “Thank God.  If you have a need of    healing,  step  to  your phone and call the Abundant Life Prayer Group at  918-495-7777  and let us pray the prayer of faith with you  and  believe  God  for  a miracle.  Now today and tomorrow I believe you’re in for a  rare treat on this program.  Two of our dear friends from Creedmore, North Carolina, Pastors Mac and Brenda Timberlake, who  pastor  the Christian Faith Church there, Christian Faith Center, are going  to be on the program today and tomorrow and I believe they’re going to be a blessing in your life.  So stay tuned  right  where  you  are.

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