Richard Roberts:  And welcome to our program.  I’m up in the Abundant Life Prayer Group where prayer goes no seven days a week, 24 hours a day.  And, by the way, someone is receiving a healing in your right knee even as I am beginning the program right now.  God is giving me a word of knowledge.  If I’m describing you, get up and move your knee.  Call the prayer group and let us know what God is doing in your life.  And the testimonies are continuing to come in and, my, how I love to share them with you.  This comes from Fayetteville, Arkansas.  “I’ve been watching your program and you said someone was receiving a healing in their back, on their side, and in their stomach.  I want you to know I called and I was not able to get through immediately but when I got through, I’m calling to tell you that I am completely healed.” Thank God for it.

By the way, if the line is busy when you call, call back in a few minutes’ time.  Lots of people are calling for prayer.   West Palm Beach, Florida, “My son’s ear was healed when you gave a word of knowledge.  He had a growth in his ear and we were ready to take him to the doctor.  And as you prayed, we claimed that word for our son and the doctor cannot find any growth.   It is completely gone.”  Thank the Lord.  From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, “Richard, you called out a word of knowledge about someone’s shoulder being healed.  It was me.  I was sitting, hurting.  As you prayed, then I called the prayer group and I want you to know my shoulder is completely well.”  From Sacramento, California, “You gave a word of knowledge about someone who was in a car wreck and that person hit their head on the glass and cracked the glass.  It was me.

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