OR:  Richard, right in the midst of this God sent a minister of the gospel across my path, Rev. Green in New Orleans.  You know our dear friend.  (Yes)  And he told me a story, really touched my heart.  He said there was this young man who wanted to be a success and he didn’t […]

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admin on April 19th, 2013

I’ll sing, you’ll sit. It’s a deal. You did your job the other day having little Jordan Lindsay. That’s right. You did your part too. How much more weight are you going to lose? SPLR LINDSAY ROBERTS A lot. I have a way to go. I got a little bit hefty there when I was […]

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admin on April 11th, 2013

SPKM BILL NORDSTROM AD01 Two years ago Evangelist Oral Roberts announced the completion of a landmark work, the entire New Testament recorded on audio cassette, with the extra bonus of a complete commentary, based on Oral Roberts’ more than 35 years of active ministry. And now through this exclusive television offer you too can receive […]

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admin on April 4th, 2013

Halleluia. It’s quite an honor, particularly since it was….. well, watching your dad as a young boy l2 years old and Richard Roberts heard the call of God to preach and from that time I fell in love with your dad and what an honor here quite a few years later for him to bestow […]

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