admin on August 29th, 2012

“If you knew and understood that your hearts would rejoice, you would be leaping for joy because I’m going to my Father.  I am going to my Father, but I’m going to send you another Comforter,” the one called alongside to help.  “I am sending him back to you in his unlimited form.” We talked […]

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admin on August 21st, 2012

We had an experience last summer, we went out to California for a vacation.  And we have a couple of Regents who live out there.  And their kids and our kids and all of us went to see a movie right down in West Hollywood, right by UCLA campus. And we got in there, and […]

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admin on August 13th, 2012

I’d get in trouble with my mom, and she would set me down and she’d say, “Now, son, I’m going to give you one chance to tell me the story.”  Now any of you ever had that thing said to you?  Most of you, I’m sure.  Any of you had it said lately?  I won’t […]

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admin on August 5th, 2012

And if any of you have ever done it and you haven’t repented, you’d better get on your knees today.  Okay, somebody who hasn’t asked a question or made a comment.  We’ve got time for one more.  It’s 11:58.  Stand up, would you. What you’re doing is, you’re setting me up for next week’s lecture.  […]

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