RR: Oh, halleluiah.

OR: Thank you, Fern.

RR: So you remembered it was 1956 and not 1952.

OR: Oh, I do. And, Fern, did you say that you’re 79?

FERN: Yes.

OR: And you’ll be 79 in April?

FERN: On April 16th.

OR: Well, I want you to know that we’re almost twins.

FERN: I know.

OR: Oh, you know!

FERN: I know.  We don’t look alike.

OR: I’m 79

FERN: Uh huh.

OR: and I will reach the big mark January 24, 1998.

FERN: Oh, well, you’re just a little

OR: I’m a little younger than you are.

RR: No, you’re a little older.

OR: I’m a little older than you are.

FERN: Yes.

RR: Three months older.

OR: Yes, three months.  I’m going to catch my wife.

FERN: I wanted to tell you this, what built my faith up.  You prayed for a little bitty boy, he was about two years.  You had him in your arms, and he was cross-eyed, and I seen his eyes just go straight.  And my husband’s brother was sitting there by me, and he pounded me on the shoulder, and he said, “Did you see that?” So that built me, really built me up.

OR: Yes.  Well

ER: To see a healing, to see a healing really helps your faith

FERN: Uh huh.

ER: ’cause you think, “Well, if God did it for her or him, He’ll do it for me.”  And that helps so much.

RR: Praise God, praise God, and praise God.  Bring in the prayer requests to me if you would, please.  Fern, God bless you tonight and thank you for calling.

FERN: Okay, thank you a lot.

RR: I want to have a time of prayer.  Dad, as they’re bringing them down, on behalf of all the graduates of Oral Roberts University, and I’m one of them, I want to thank you for founding ORU.  I’ve served as president of ORU for the past five years

Many people, many people misunderstood, many people misunderstood when you founded ORU.  They thought that you were leaving the healing ministry.  They didn’t understand that ORU would become an extension of the healing ministry.

OR: No.

RR: And on behalf of all of us, we want to thank you.

OR: Well, success without a successor is failure.  And I knew the healing ministry would stop as I got too old and when I went to be with the Lord the healing ministry as I knew it, that’s what I’m talking about and that God would raise up young people whose work would exceed mine, and they would go where God’s light is dim, His voice is heard small, and His power is not known, even to the uttermost bounds of the earth.  Their work will exceed mine, He said, and in that He was well pleased. There are thousands of these young people that I’ve met not only across America, but in seventy nations where I’ve been with this healing ministry.  And there they are all over the world.

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