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Would you like to have a “prayer road map” that shows you how to get your prayers answered? Jesus provided such a map in Luke 18. In one dramatic story after another, He shows us the Bible way to get our prayers answered: Have a never-give-up attitude. The first story is about the woman who […]

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No, the news doesn’t even know about it in the United States. Over 150 people were killed in the plane crash. And Victor was on that plane. He was doing the Lord’s work. The only thing she could say to me on the phone was, “Terry, he was doing the Lord’s work.” And when she […]

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Has God ever asked you to do something that you felt you couldn’t do? He has me! But if God calls you, He plans to help you, even if you’re in uncharted territory. There was a time in my life when I was so quiet and timid that in public I was happy to sit […]

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For almost 28 years, I have been more at home preaching the Gospel and praying for the sick—no matter where that takes me—than anywhere else on earth. My heart has always been in evangelism and winning the lost to Christ. And no matter where we go, my greatest desire is to see people healed by […]

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RR: Well, let’s, in these moments we have before we close our program today, let’s join hands together and let’s pray. And I don’t know if this has happened on live television before or not, but I’m going to ask an athletic director and a star of the National Basketball Association and a pregnant woman […]

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